Weight loss journey
Weight loss journey
Chicken Barley Soup

A low calorie soup about 100 calories per cup

2 stalks Celery - 167g
160g onion
115g carrots
6 cups College Inn chicken broth
10 oz Chicken
1 bay leaf
70g barley
1 oz small shell noodles
73g zucchini
85g yellow squash
1 cup water
1 tsp chicken bullion
salt & pepper

1. Spray pot with oil & cook onion & celery until tender
2. Add a dash of thyme
3. Add carrots, broth, bay leaf, chicken and barley & cook until chicken is cooked, then remove chicken & shred. (about 30 min.)
4. Add chicken back to the pot & simmer until barley is done.
5. Add noodles, zucchini and yellow squash, simmer for 15 minutes
6. Add salt, pepper & thyme to taste.
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